Dear World.

I’m sorry! I really, truly am! I… I am Danish, and I don’t really know what is going on in my country right now. The government has gone crazy, and has apparently decided to destroy us from within.

Our integrationminister does everything she can NOT to in any refugees. She posts campaigns in middle eastern newpapers telling people on the run not to run to Denmark, because we don’t want them. Or rather: SHE doesn’t want them. And when they DO come here, she puts them in camps. With tents. In Denmark. In the winter. Honestly camping is a bit on the chill side in the summer in Denmark. Two days after the first camp opened in november we had about two feet of snow (40 cm). I’m sure that made several refugees rethink the wisdom of staying in Denmark! If they weren’t, you know, fleeing for their lives, they would surely go home. Only they can’t do that, can they? No. But now they are here, they can get their families to safety. In about three years time. That’s the new rules. Three years. That is a long time! But the disintegrationminister don’t care. She doesn’t want them here. Not the men, not the women and not the children. She would rather destroy our reputation than take in another person in need. The newest development is to take away whatever few valuables they have left. Even I didn’t believe that when I first heard about it, but it’s true. Shamefully true. I’m sorry.

Our minister of research is a christian. Not just the kind that celebrates christmas, but the kind that really truly believe that there is an invisible devine being that created the world about 5000 years ago. So, you know, not the most sciency guy around… He has also just been accused of cheating on his PhD. Maybe research isn’t really his strongest virtue.

Our primeminister lost the election. I know that sounds weird. I don’t really get it myself. He lost half his personal votes, and his party – who runs the country – only got 17% of the votes. There are some parties that support his claim to the primeminestry, however, so there they are: in power. Every time he meets criticism with ‘you voted for us yourselves’ he lies. We didn’t. Only 17% of the population did. That would be the 17% that can now buy cheaper cars and get to pay less taxes, all the while schools, the elderly, the unemployed and otherwise poor gets cut.

The government talks very much about how they want to preserve the Danish culture from all those foreigners who wants to come in and be all strange, but they cut funding to libraries, museums, theatres and music. I’m unclear about what culture is it they want to preserve.

And the environment… Again I am truly sorry. They don’t care for it. It doesn’t make money, and it gets in the way of buildings and high ways and stuff. They don’t live forever, and since they obviously don’t care about children, they don’t care about the future either. Only about making money here and now.

So I am sorry. They are going to mess a lot of stuff up the next four years. I don’t know if we can fix it later. I hope so. But I don’t know. I’m a little scared, to tell you the truth. A couple of them might be sociopaths, maybe even psychopaths. They seem out of reach of reason and common sense. But I assure you: I did not vote for them! In fact a lot of people didn’t. So in a few years time when the oceans rise, and everybody in Denmark has to flee, please remember that though we have a lot of really incompetent people as leaders, we are also a lot of nice and friendly people, who wants to help refugees, tries to save the environment, believes in sense and science, likes children and the elderly and sick people and people without jobs. We try to get by until the next election, and then we will do our very best to fix all the mistakes the current government makes. I promise!

I consider moving to Canada. Or, you know, get into politics. At least I have a heart.