America – please stop Black Friday! Seriously! The day after you celebrate all the things that you are thankfull for you run out to buy tons of stuff that you don’t really need. And what’s worse: it’s contaigious! Now European countries do it too! That is: we skip the thankfull part and go straight to the shopping. For things we don’t really need. It’s so stupid!

Consumerism is destroying our environment. Everything is wrapped in plastic. A lot of things are made of plastic. Everybody need the next new thing in stead of keeping the old thing a while longer – at least until it breaks. Do we really need more than one TV in every home? More than one car per family? Do we really need all those electric kitchen appliances? Can you live without your dishwasher? I can. I have washed my dishes by hand all 25 years since I moved away from my parents home. I use less water, less electricity, less soap by doing dishes by hand. I admit I couldn’t do with out my washing mashine, but I don’t need a dishwasher. Do you? Really?

Many children in China have never seen the stars. I read that somewhere. To them the sky is perpetually black with smog. Partially because every chineese now wants a car. Just like the West. That’s a lot of cars! (Let me just polish my halo once more by declaring that I don’t own a car either). I read in some other context, that because of the chineese demand for cars, many cocoa farmers now switches to producing rubber in stead! So more cars means less chocolate! It’s a disaster! I’m not kidding! At least chocolate is not part of a mashine that continually pollutes our air. And it makes you feel good. And the taste is awesome! Chocolate rocks!

I would like to bring forward the suggestion that has been made by cleverer people than myself that we should stop with this celebration of consumerism that Black Friday really is, and introduce Green Friday in stead. A day were we think about what we really need (and what we really don’t). Let’s think about how we can think more enviromentally sound. Could we share more? Are there things we could do by hand in stead of using an electric appliance? Could we walk more or take the train or bus more often in stead of the car?

I decided last New Year that I would not buy new clothes this year – except underwear and socks. And I haven’t. I have bought lots of clothes, though, but all of it seconhand. And whatever I don’t need myself goes to Red Cross stores for resale. I have saved lots of money that way, and I have shopped green. I think I will continue doing this in 2016. My small contribution.

I would really like a planet where everyone can see the stars. Where fresh water is safe to drink and the air safe to breathe. That is what I really need!